At Tannourine, we are proud to offer either hot or cold mezza served along with our most popular beverages. Tannourine also features various Lebanese wines, beers and soft drinks.

What is a "mezza?" Traditionally, throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, from Greek to Lebanon, dining on "meze" or "mezze" and "maza" -is a way of life that traces its roots to the beginning of recorded history. The tradition is deeply rooted and is an expression of something Greeks hold dear: socializing over a few plates of simple, delicious food, letting the wine or spirits flow and savoring the liberating, gratifying effects of the meal and drink together.


The word itself means "middle," as in "middle-of-the day," or between meals, because the mezza table is not routinely considered a setting for a full meal.

Usually known as little "tidbits" served on small plates to Westerners, these bites bear a striking resemblance to appetizers or tapas. But that is where the similarity ends. Unlike tapas, mezza is not intended to be bar snacks. On occasion a mezza  can even be the entire dinner. Thus mezza dining is an experience shared throughout the Mediterranean, where small savory plates of food are enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere, where friends and family join in the sharing of food and drink; in a relaxing, pleasurable environment.