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Welcome to Tannourine!

The Tannourine Family restaurant features the cuisine of Lebanon and the Mediterranean diet. Serving dishes that include an abundance of starches, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Lamb and Poultry are the preferred meats of choice; red meat animal fats are consumed sparingly. Fresh fish and seafood is offered on available quantity only. Most often foods are either grilled,

baked or sauteed in olive oil; butter or cream is rarely used other than in the preparation of a few desserts. Vegetables are eaten raw or pickled as well as cooked. While the cuisine of Lebanon does not boast an entire repertoire of sauces,
Tannourine does focus on the use of herbs, spices and especially the freshness of ingredients in the preparation of their savory dishes. The meals are full of robust earthy flavors and like most Mediterranean countries, much of what the Lebanese eat is governed by seasonal

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We at Tannourine are proud to offer either hot "mezza" or cold "mezza," served along with our most popular beverages. Tannourine also features various Lebanese wines, beers and soft drinks.
What is a "mezza?" Traditionally, throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, from Greek to Lebanon, dining on "meze" – or "mezze" and "maza" respectively -is a way of life that traces its roots to the beginnings of recorded history. The tradition is deeply rooted and is an expression of something Greeks hold dear: socializing (i.e., talking) over a few plates of simple tasty food, letting the wine or spirits flow and savoring the liberating, gratifying effects of the meal and drink together.
The word itself means "middle," as in "middle-of-the day," or between meals, because the "meze table is not routinely considered a setting for a full meal. Rather it is something that is eaten mid-day or before dinner. Usually known as little "tidbits" served on small plates to Westerners, these "tidbits" bear a striking resemblance to appetizers or tapas. But there is where the similarity ends. "Mezza" differs from tapas in that "mezza" are traditionally not bar food as is tapas. Tapas dining is always followed by dinner once socializing and bar hopping ends and everyone heads for their reservation. On occasion a "mezza"  can be the entire dinner. Thus "meze", "mezza" dining is an experience shared throughout the Mediterranean, where small savory plates of food are enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere, where friends and family join in the sharing of food and drink; in an unrushed, unhurried environment.
Tannourine "mezza" comprises of such dishes as "kebbeh" (pronounced "kibbi") served with a refreshing yogurt sauce, dips such as Hommus, Baba Ghannouj, Tabbouleh, grape vine rolls (consisting of meat or parsley), and various savory pastries such as Baklava or puddings.
The Tannourine family is pleased to offer all the flavors of the Mediterranean because it is prepared by a people who themselves love good food as well as good company. We invite you to join us for lunch or dinner.

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